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White Minibuses
Delivery Van

Express vans are generally used for:

  • Very urgent deliveries where a direct, quick service is needed

  • Where time critical deliveries are a must. 

  • For time-specific deliveries, such as exhibition goods for a show

  • High value cargo

  • Sensitive shipments that cannot be combined with other cargo 


European Express 

Bettafreight Services specialise in next-day and 48-hour deliveries across Europe. We provide a rapid door-to-door collection and delivery service for all types of goods. We offer one-off deliveries as well as long-terms contracts

Small Van
Typical Load Dimension 140 x 100 x 100 cms                      

Typical Payload 500kgs                                                             


Sprinter Van
Typical Load Dimension 420 x 170 x 175 cms
Typical Payload 1,100kgs


Luton Van
Typical Load Dimension 420 x 210 x 220 cms
Typical Payload 1,000kgs


7.5 tonner

Typical Load Dimension 600 x 240 x 230 cms
Typical Payload 2,800kgs

18 tonner
Typical Load Dimension 770 x 245 x 250 cms
Typical Payload 9,000kgs

For more information please contact us on 0121 783 9933 or email us on

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